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40 Miler

Athlete: Kevin Matthews

Right ..40 Miler 2011..highlights…course record smashed by Chris O’Neil…Unbelievable running given the hot conditions ! Geoffa runs a sub 5, again unreal..! I was with him to about half way @ 2:30 but there was no way I could repeat that for the next 32k…I reckon that run rates up there with Chris’s record breaking. Geoffa was second, not sure who the guy was who was third but he can run !! Colin Francis (a 40 miler legend and previos winner) ran 4th, Dave Kennedy 5th and BK bringing up 6th with a massive (?) 3 minute pb..made it all worth while

So what went wrong with the BK express…I ran with Geoffa and Wonderboy Watson to half way (Geoffa was a tad infront at the half way point)…went through half way dead on 5hour pace (@ 2hrs 30min) which set alarm bells ringing as I was aiming for 5:10. Virtually after the half way on the 6k down leg me and Chris started to slow and the earlier easy 4:30min/k pace disappeared as we both struggled to break 4:45min/k.. This was then compounded by the turn around and the 16k up to the last turn around point. My favourite part of the course….K’s 44 to 55…It’s in this part of the race you get to ask yourself all sort of questions (like why am I doing this..? surely a marathon distance is enough ? that hill wasn’t there last time ? etc etc get the picture!)

I was ontime for a good pb at the last turn around and only had to struggle home for the last 9k to get a sub 5:20 finish. Not this time…..entered a world of pain starting at 58k and the last 5-6k was not pretty. Even 3 small walks to ease the pain….and that last hill was a monster.! Couldn’t even muster running down the last k into the finish..I was spent.. Did manage a 3 minute pb but it was a case of what could have beeen…too many short races recently and not enough runs over 30k this year (one in January and one more last month…not enough and you get found out big time in this race !)

Was a lot of DNF’s this year so I reckon the conditions played a part. Wonderboy bailed at 46k as did Nate (not before trying to catch me knowing he was going to finish at the start line! Luckily he didn’t as that would have resulted in a race , which I would have lost !)

Calum maintained his 6 foot form with a massive 40min+ pb. I noticed he was within striking distace at the last turn around and was checking over my shoulder for his Kenyan like finish.

There were a lot of people out there doing it hard this year, the conditions made the back of the field suffer big time..Respect to all finishers as everybody earned it today.

right….no “keep running” tonight….just enjoy finishing and I hope everybody got the times they were after…

As you were, BK