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Perth Marathon – Thanks and Well Done

Athlete: Keith Darwin

Hi Everyone,

I also just want to start by saying a great big thankyou to the whole gang at NSRG for their fabulous support in making such a great day so much more memorable and enjoyable.

The weather was great, fine, slightly cloudy, no wind, the odd little shower and the sun not too hot. There was a real buzz at the clubrooms leading up to the start, everyone a bit anxious and the cameras coming out for a few group shots.

It was real nice to see those not running, there to wish everyone well, including Lui, Howard, Dennis, Fiona, Heather, Tori, Terry, Lee and the girls, just to name a few (sorry if I don’t mention everyone).

The race started and I was off to a fairly quick pace (for me) and had to try and hold back. It didn’t seem long before I remember Dennis and one of his signs saying there was only 35 km’s to go – great, is that all! Along the way everyone was so friendly from the other runners to all the spectators and marshals and helpers. Thanks Lui and Bob G. I had a run/walk strategy where I would run for about 2.4km’s and then walk for 100m (repeat this 17 times – just a long interval session really). Most of the time is sort of coincided with the water stations so that was good. It felt a bit unnecessary at the start but I was sure I would be glad of it later. It does help break the race down into little parts and when the going gets tough it’s not that long before you get a ‘rest’ and then you feel revived again and off you go with a bit more pep. And it doesn’t do your head in thinking about all those km’s left just run for about 12- 15 mins at a time – anyone can do that.

By the time I got to 28 km’s I was starting to feel rather tired in the legs and was getting pains in my groin and feet, but 2 thirds of the way there so I kept pushing on. I would see the occasional runner from NSRG up just ahead or behind like Chris and that would spur me on. After a while the quicker runners started coming back from the turn around point like Bob W, Simon, Brucey, Kevin, Ed, Rob F, Vince and it was good seeing everyone again. When I started back I saw another bunch of NSRG runners that were behind me and everyone was encouraging and seemed in good spirits but also probably starting to feel the pain. I remember seeing Heather and Terry and Dennis, Ali and so many others numerous times as they would make their way around the circuit ahead of us and then cheer us on and take photos etc. It was fantastic and I thank you all. Even complete strangers were cheering us on as well as other runners that you would end up alongside for a few k’s.

They recon the race starts at 32 k and I guess in away it does. That’s when it started to get tough and it just gets harder all the way to the finish. But with all the wonderful support you get it makes you find that little bit extra and you don’t want to let everyone down. Terry even made me sprint the last 200m to the finish as she ran along side me for a while.

Thankyou all for helping me achieve my first Marathon, from all the support on the day, to all the encouragement over the last eight or nine months running with the group, Bob’s interval training and all the friendships made. If you have never done a Marathon before but were unsure you could do it, give it a go, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. I have been running for just under a year and I never imagined that it was possible for me. I wasn’t that long ago that a 5k race was a big deal. So if I can do it so can you.


Perth Marathon 2011 – Special Thanks

Athlete: Neph Janssen

Dear All!
Last Sunday was the culmination of 5 months of training. It was a steep “training” curve for me but I learned a lot from you, my fellow runners. Four weeks ago I thought I have to pull out due to an injury. But I made it to the start line with “butterflies” that comes along with all the excitement. I was relieved when Gail, Lynette and Annie turn up alongside me just before gun start.

It was such a glorious day, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The weather was great; the crowd was exhilarating, great support from hubby and a lot of familiar faces from members from the club. As I ran the first few kms of the course there is that quiet confidence building up in me knowing that there a good number of people out there like me that will be plodding through their first marathon.

I would like to extend my special thanks to Rob Robartson that kept me company and chatted through the good half of the course that made the time goes faster. I would like to extend my special thanks to him. As I progress through the course, I keep seeing you guys on the sideline, it was fantastic! I couldn’t have done it without you cheering us on –Lee, Sylvia, Nicola, Helen, Sam and many others…of course not to forget Dennis!

They say the last 5kms would be the most difficult and I believe you now! Many full grown men and women were brought to tears at this point of the run, I did too! They also said that you will be a different person when you completed your first marathon… I think a have mutated from being a weekend warrior!

You all are an inspiration to me!

Thanks heaps!

40 Miler

Athlete: Kevin Matthews

Right ..40 Miler 2011..highlights…course record smashed by Chris O’Neil…Unbelievable running given the hot conditions ! Geoffa runs a sub 5, again unreal..! I was with him to about half way @ 2:30 but there was no way I could repeat that for the next 32k…I reckon that run rates up there with Chris’s record breaking. Geoffa was second, not sure who the guy was who was third but he can run !! Colin Francis (a 40 miler legend and previos winner) ran 4th, Dave Kennedy 5th and BK bringing up 6th with a massive (?) 3 minute pb..made it all worth while

So what went wrong with the BK express…I ran with Geoffa and Wonderboy Watson to half way (Geoffa was a tad infront at the half way point)…went through half way dead on 5hour pace (@ 2hrs 30min) which set alarm bells ringing as I was aiming for 5:10. Virtually after the half way on the 6k down leg me and Chris started to slow and the earlier easy 4:30min/k pace disappeared as we both struggled to break 4:45min/k.. This was then compounded by the turn around and the 16k up to the last turn around point. My favourite part of the course….K’s 44 to 55…It’s in this part of the race you get to ask yourself all sort of questions (like why am I doing this..? surely a marathon distance is enough ? that hill wasn’t there last time ? etc etc get the picture!)

I was ontime for a good pb at the last turn around and only had to struggle home for the last 9k to get a sub 5:20 finish. Not this time…..entered a world of pain starting at 58k and the last 5-6k was not pretty. Even 3 small walks to ease the pain….and that last hill was a monster.! Couldn’t even muster running down the last k into the finish..I was spent.. Did manage a 3 minute pb but it was a case of what could have beeen…too many short races recently and not enough runs over 30k this year (one in January and one more last month…not enough and you get found out big time in this race !)

Was a lot of DNF’s this year so I reckon the conditions played a part. Wonderboy bailed at 46k as did Nate (not before trying to catch me knowing he was going to finish at the start line! Luckily he didn’t as that would have resulted in a race , which I would have lost !)

Calum maintained his 6 foot form with a massive 40min+ pb. I noticed he was within striking distace at the last turn around and was checking over my shoulder for his Kenyan like finish.

There were a lot of people out there doing it hard this year, the conditions made the back of the field suffer big time..Respect to all finishers as everybody earned it today.

right….no “keep running” tonight….just enjoy finishing and I hope everybody got the times they were after…

As you were, BK