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Perth Marathon 2012

Athlete: Graham Rix

Thank you all for a fantastic day. I started my day thinking its simple run under 5 mins a km to achieve my goal of 3:30 but having never run over 33 km before i was a bit apprehensive about this unfamiliar territory. I felt good on the way out enjoying the atmosphere but on the way back things began to change conversation with ather runners stoped all my attention was on the run. I got a inspiring cheer at the raffles. I’m not shore ho they are but thanks that set me up for the long trip down the freeway. I got to the narrows bridge and I know the worst is yet to come. in the back of my mind is the wall that so many talk about. Willing my self on with about 4 km to go my legs and feet are feeling very sore and i am feeling emotional at times. My pace has dropped slightly and the casino is in site. these few kms are by far the hardest I have ever run. The sound of the loud speaker and the crowd couldn’t have come soon enough. I couldn’t have done it with out the support of the NSRG.

thank you all.